Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink Pants

On my huge shopping spree a few weeks ago, I found these pink capris at Dillards for $10.  Total Steal.  

You all know, I love a good deal.  In the past, I struggled buying stuff just because it was on sale.  This actually would end up costing me more money in the long run because I would buy stuff that I didn't end up wearing.  Now when I go to the clearance rack, I try to picture in my head the many options that I could do with that article of clothing.  Sometimes, I spend more than I normally would for a piece of clothing because it is a good investment piece.  

I love the pink pants, but I also like the combination on the top.  I am wearing a teal spaghetti strap top from New York and Company and a black sleeveless top over it.  In fact, I think everything on the top half of me is from New York and Company.  The jacket is a nice touch because I am always cold, but also because it pulls in at the smallest section of my body giving me an hourglass shape.

The one thing about this outfit I might change is the shoes, but my feet are killing me these days.  Any advice on shoes that are appropriate for work that aren't a a pain literally and figuratively?

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  1. I seriously love love LOVE everything about your outfit! SOO cute! I think the pink pants were a total steal (hello, you can't say no to $10, not to mention they look fabulous!)

    I wish I had some advice on shoes, but I usually only wear flats (although I did just invest in some super cute and comfy Michael Kors flats!) My feet KILLLLL by the end of the day if I wear anything else!