Monday, September 12, 2011


Ever felt that way? I have been feeling this way since the beginning of this school year. This school year has been harder for me than any other year. There are a lot of reasons for this but I am not going to go into those because that is not the reason for this post.
Yesterday, I ran into an old Bible study leader. She asked how the year was going and in response, I told her that I felt that I am in constant state of drowning. She reminded me of the story of Peter walking on water. We, as Christians, are always striving to have that faith like Peter, faith strong enough to walk on water. Sometimes I feel that when I am not having that level of faith, when I feel like I am not strong enough to have that faith, that I am not close to God. But my sweet leader reminded me that whether I feel like I am walking on water or whether I have slipped below the surface, God knows it! In fact, He has allowed it. This year is not going to be easy. And that is ok. (I have to keep telling myself that!) It is ok because God has allowed me to encounter these trials. In the end, I will be stronger.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Review-The Help

So, in the glorious days of summer when I can read whatever I want, for however long I want, whenever I want, I was given the recommendation by several people to read The Help because it was just soooo good. Here are my thoughts on the book and the movie:

For as much as people loved this book, it did not initially, for the first couple hundred pages, meet my high expectations that I had developed from other people's opinions. Maybe the actual syntax threw me for a loop, but I did not actually start liking the book until the end. However, I would definitely recommend it to others as it is an interesting and engaging read.

What really made me love the book was the movie. They go so well together!

I am thankful that I did not grow up in a family that disregarded others or referred to others by their color or ethnicity alone. Because, unfortunately, I think this type of attitude and behavior is passed down from generation to generation. The book and movie are very eye-opening to the prejudice that existed decades ago, but I daresay persists today.