Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hot pants

Hot and dangerousIf you're one of us then roll with us'Cause we make the hipsters fall in loveWhen we got our hot pants on and up

My mother-in-law came last weekend, and she had these super cute red jeans.  I was like I want some colored jeans.  I had tried on a pair at Old Navy that totally did not fit, and I kinda ruled colored jeans out.  I found this pair on the clearance rack at New York and Company for ten dollars, ten dollars people!

I paired it with another shirt that I got at The Limited.  I don't normally shop at that store because it is too expensive for me, but I found this shirt on the clearance rack for 10 bucks.

I like the shirt because it has lace detail, but it doesn't take away from the colored pants.  I paired the outfit with my $5 dollar Steve Madden wedges.

I like this outfit so much I wore it twice last week.  Thankfully, I didn't see any of the same people:)

Have you jumped on the fashion bandwagon of colored jeans?  What do you pair them with?

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  1. thank you sooo much for linking up for fashionista friday- you look fabulous and I apologize that my link up gidget just sent me your link now! xo