Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The small details

I have been super excited about wedding planning for a long time. In fact, I had even started before Anthony had proposed to me. I love been organized and delegating! This is definitely a project where both of those come in handy. When I visualized planning my wedding in my head, I did not imagine the little "hiccups" on the way. This last week I encountered my first hiccup. Let me clarify what kind of hiccup this is. Some people have small, quiet hiccups that hardly anyone hears. I, on the other hand, do not. My are loud, even with my mouth closed; they make my body jerk; they last forever, and they come in groups of three. Thankfully I have never gotten these while I was teaching. Anyway, we had a hiccup: the facility I was planning on using for my ceremony was booked for my date. Sad times:( I decided to email a bunch of churches in Denton to see if they were available. Not much success there.

Then my mother suggested having the wedding midweek. I know that this in unconventional, and I suspected that some people would not approve. Much to my surprise, Wednesday actually worked a lot better than having on the weekend. My brother and dad were both not scheduled to work, my matron of honor doesn't have to rush back the next day for another wedding, and it makes Anthony's Maryland family's trip much more convenient.

Fortunately, both my reception site and the church were willing to accommodate us. Oh, how thankful I was that the Lord had answered our prayers. But the icing on the cake came last night when the reception site emailed me and told me about the huge discount I would receive for having on a weekday. It was just a great reminder that God is looking out for us. Even though this was not my initial plan, God had a better plan all along!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

July, Where have you gone?

I have only posted once in July. Where have I been? What have I been doing? I went to Michigan with my parents for a week. Then I got engaged! But those are just excuses. To be honest I have been a little lazy. But that changes today. What is so nice about my relationship with God is that even though I may neglect Him for days, weeks, He still allows me to come back to Him. He does not harbor resentment or bitterness for me neglecting our relationship. This is a good thing, but sometimes I take advantage of it. For example, I have two really great friends, Courtney and Kandace. They both are not easily offended and do not hold grudges. I know that if I forget to call them back or don't call them right away with exciting news, they won't jump down my throat. However, I should not take advantage of their carefree attitude and do that often. The same is true with God. Even though I know He will be awaiting my return to Him, I should not bank on that and allow myself to become complacent with our relationship. Relationship, that is what I have with God. It requires two beings and effort on both parts continually. God always hold up His end of the bargain, and I need to continually strive to be the person He wants me to be.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Proverbs 31, the superwoman of character and wisdom, the one to strive to be like. While reading that passage this morning, God revealed something new to me. Before when I had read this, I always focused on the amount of things that she was doing instead of her motivation. This woman believed that God was in absolute sovereign control of her life, but she also knew that God expected her to make godly choices to rule over herself. She was the ruler of what she could control: her time, her attitude, her schedule. She was not praised for the abundance of things that she could do, but rather for her spiritual character.

This attitude and motivation is something I need to start cultivating now. When I get married, it is just not going to automatically appear.