Saturday, October 27, 2012

Denton-love it!

If you didn't catch my guest post a few weeks it is.

Denton is a wonderful town located north of DFW.  I commuted to school at Texas Woman's University in Denton.  After I graduated, I moved up to Denton, and now my husband and I call Denton our home.

Denton has such a vast amount of activities that anyone of any age or walk of life can find entertainment and enjoyment.  The following are just a few that my husband and I enjoy:

1.  Denton Community Theater--We love going to the theater, but we don't like the prices or the drive to the ones downtown.  This place is right off the square and is an intimate setting to enjoy some drama.  If you live in Denton or ever stop by you need to check it out!

2.  Free Community Events--Denton is a large city, but it doesn't feel like it.  They offer so many events throughout the year.  We have enjoy the wassail-tasting contest at Christmas time, Cinco de Mayo festival, 4th of July Parade, movies in the park, Air Show, and the Arts and Jazz festival.  It is a rare week when there is not something going on in Denton.  Check out their webpage.

We love that Denton is a college town, too!  Go Mean Green!

3.  Unique Food and Beverage Places to go check out:

Jupiter House on the Square--The vibe is so laid back and chill.  Their coffee drinks are delicious.  Plus, it is right on the square, so you can walk around, lounge on the grass by the Courthouse, or check out the old opera house turned bookstore.

Abbey Inn on the Square--Try the Aesthetic Burger.  It is legit!

For all the partakers of alcohol,

Oak Street Draft House and Cocktail Parlor--This place has quite the selection of beer, I hear.  (I'm not a beer drinker, but I have seen their menu, and it is long!)  What I love about this place is the backyard area.  It is the huge space with picnic tables and chair.  You can just come and relax.  The bar area is in an old house, which is so cool for those who like historic things like me.

Pascal's on the square--Anyone watch Mad Men??? This is so that!  Need I say more?  There is even a secret door.  You kinda gotta know where you are going.

I could go on and on about the things to do, people to meet, or places to go in Denton!  Hopefully, one of these above-mentioned options strikes your fancy, and when you are nearby you will go check it out!

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  1. omg! i live in Dallas!! i sometime make the trek up to denton bc my husband was getting his masters at TWU. it is such a cool, funky little place!

    Helene in Between
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  2. I work a block off from Oak Street Draft House and I love it! I don't drink beer so I'm not a patron, but it has revitalized our little area off the square so much! When I work late nights there are always people around (in a good way!), they're just hanging out and having a nice night out! Not your usual bar crowd by any means!

    1. That is so cool to work close to the square! We love hanging out there:)