Thursday, October 25, 2012

And that's a wrap!

Linking Up with Neely.
It's ok that I ate all the rest of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies while attempting to fix a technological problem with the tv.  (I didn't fix it, and I ended up taking a nap instead of cooking dinner because I was so frustrated, and Anthony wonders why I don't even bother trying...)

It's ok that I think it is a lame excuse to stop being friends or hanging out with someone because "you are in a different stage of life."  Get real.  (More on this later)

It's ok to be super excited about an upcoming destination wedding for selfish reasons.  We get to redo our honeymoon, which totally did not meet expectations.

It's ok to make two students cry in a day.  To tell one of them, "I am glad you are crying.  Cry all you want.  It makes me feel like I am doing my job well."  And to cry with the other one because you want him to change so much it makes your heart hurt.

It's ok to not ever pray out loud in prayer circle.  

It's ok to talk to my husband about other people and why we are glad we are not them.  Us against the world, baby.

It's ok to skip something you are supposed to go to and talk to your bff for an hour and 20 minutes.  

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  1. I seriously feel like i'm reading my own blog when you posted about making a kid cry (I do that more often than I would like to admit) and crying wih them because you want them to change (I still cry thinking of one of my babies from last year, mainly because I know how bad of a track he's on!) You must be a fabulous teacher with such a big heart like that!