Monday, October 1, 2012

Mix and Match

I am still working on taking pictures of myself.  Clearly, I am a newbie, but show me some love for my effort:)

I was trying to branch out on this outfit.  I have stripes on my skirt, pink polka dots on my shirt, and green shoes.  Woah!  Somehow, though I think this works.

 I bought the blazer a couple years ago, following Clint and Stacey's What Not to Wear advice.  However, I have struggled feeling comfortable wearing it because it is not my norm.  In this outfit, I feel like it helped pull it all together.

I wore my blazer for Meet the Teacher night as well.  For some reason, my principal thinks we all have to wear jeans and a tshirt the first time we make an impression on our parents and students.  I don't agree with that, so I put this blazer over the tshirt and wore heels with my jeans.  I think it helped me stand out a bit more and definitely was much more authoritative and professional.

Black Blazer: Target $20
Pink Polka Dotted Sleeveless Top:  New York and Company $8
Striped Skirt: Target $10
Green Shoes: Twice as Nice (Thrift store in Denton) $9

Any advice on how to take good pictures of oneself?  I might need to invest in a full length mirror.

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  1. I wish we could WEAR JEANS & TEE SHIRTS. Sometime. Anytime. But nope, no time.