Friday, February 20, 2015

3 Thoughts on Comparing

I love this quotation.  I heard something along these lines for the first time when I was doing a Beth Moore study several summers ago.  I wanted to add a couple thoughts that have stemmed from it lately:

1.  On the most basic level, don't compare yourself to someone else.  Your body, your progress, your job, your marriage, your feelings, or how you express yourself.  Just because someone else is beautiful (you feel in the blank), doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful.

2.  This next point was brought up in Bible Study Fellowship a couple weeks ago, and I can honestly said I thought about this before.  Not only are we supposed to compare ourselves to others, we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to how we "think" we were in the past.  How happy we were, how skinny we were, how organized, how put together we think we were.  Often times we over-romanticize our past and don't accurately remember everything from that time period.

3.  Don't be the person who lets the thief in.  For example, don't be the person who makes the comparison for someone else.  Don't be a one-upper.  Everything is not a competition, so stop making it one.  Support them where they are at or keep your mouth shut.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Birthday on a Budget and not living up to the Hype

Really, I could have cared less about having one (oh, am I not supposed to say that out loud?), but Anthony and everyone else said it was a MUST.  I was determined not to let this be a Pinterest monstrosity-meaning that I spent way too much time and money to make it super cutesy for a child that won't remember it.  What really happened will be in RED!

So, it's Tuesday.  Party is on Saturday.  And this week is crazy with MOM's groups, and
Bible Study, and new baby appointment, and small group, and Bunco.  Love them all, but they all coincided with this week.  So, preparation is key.  Here is the plan:

1.  Make cupcakes, as in bake them.  The actual decorating will be one of the activities at the party.  My sister and SIL made owl cupcakes for one of my showers.  All you need is cupcakes, oreos, m&ms, and frosting.  I am just planning on putting the stuff on the tables with a picture of these owl cupcakes from pinterest.  DONE!  Ingredients bought and pictures of owls printed!  COST- $16  I think I over bought.  So, people can make a cupcake to eat at the party and take one home!  We actually had probably just the right amount of everything.  I think people gravitated toward the oreos over the cupcakes, but who wouldn't?!?

2.  ABC book for Eleanor
I did one of these at a friend's baby shower, but decided to make it an activity for a 1 year old birthday party.  There will be a few children in attendance, so this will give them something to do and hopefully keep the adults off their phones.  I mean, who doesn't love sharp crayons!  And this will be something that can be used by Eleanor later.  For the time being I am just putting the pages in page protectors in a baby book that wasn't being used.  DONE!  I love free printables.  Everything you need is here!  COST-free!  I think this was mostly my family and the kiddos that participated with this.  We saved a letter for my sister to complete since she got stuck with the stomach bug and couldn't come.  I may add a picture from a magazine to the drawing.  

3.  Photo Opp
I am planning on doing streamers as the background for this, and asking Anthony's cousin to take pics with her new camera she got for Christmas or have his Dad set up his tripod.  We will see what happens.  Inspiration is bottom right hand pic from this blog.  Just need to set up streamers! COST- Orange and Pink Crepe Paper $2  My friend, Janie, and I didn't have time to set up the photo booth, and I am glad I didn't.  Megan did such a great job capturing people and party moments!  I can't wait to see how they turned out!  I am so thankful that I did not have worry about documenting the moment, and I could be there with my family.  Thanks Megan!

4.  Birthday Outfit
These things are ridiculously expensive.  I see people trying to resell this for $40 dollars, and I would not even pay that full price.  So, borrowed a cute orange and pink (already made-yes!) tutu from a friend and bought a onesie and some iron-ons from Hobby Lobby .  Not done yet.  COST-$6 30% off onesie and coupon for 20% off .  So, this was extremely frustrating and did not iron on.  It was a faulty product because the iron on hearts I got worked perfectly.  (Growl!)  Fortunately, my mom had some stitch witchery stuff, and we just cut out the 1 from pink material.   Also, don't wait until the last minute!

Pink Polka Dot I am 1 Iron-on Art Flocked Transfer
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5.  Balloon Owls
I have done tissue paper pom poms before, and I love them.  They have the biggest bang for the buck.  But since I did those for Eleanor's gender reveal, I am going to give these a try!  COST: bag of balloons + paper I already have = $1  Yep, nope, didn't happen.  We had some balloons hanging around.  

Other Decorations:
Plastic Tablecloth- totally reusable, too.  In fact, I am using one I have from Eleanor's gender reveal party.  $2
Plastic Cups and Napkins $4
Gallon of Milk + Water in a pitcher =$3

Total:  Around $35  I think it is important to go through and look at prices because I usually end up spending a lot more than I think I do because I always buy just a little bit here and there.

And that is it!  I am going to not run around like a crazy person.  All guests have three somewhat independent activities that also facilitate conversation.  Eleanor will smash a cupcake, and we will take a lot of pictures.  She will tear through tissue paper and love it!
The End.  Despite having a low key party and help, I am sitting here Sunday afternoon still trying to recover.  I am exhausted.  I guess that is what happens when you are 32 weeks pregnant.