Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful for...

In the midst of all this chaos and things I could complain about, like school, I am going to take a break and blog about some things that I am thankful for. If I am following the facebook trend, I have some catching up to do.

1.) I am thankful for a husband who helps clean the apartment. Yesterday, I was so frustrated because I couldn't find my school ID because, you know I need it for Saturdays to go up and do more work at school. (Stop it, this is my thankful list, not my complaining list.) Anyway, he cleaned up the apartment and found my ID. He wasn't bitter that I was super mean and nasty to him. So, thanks Anthony. You are the best!

2.) For cold nights and electric blankets.

3.) For friends and family that I don't have to call every week to reassure them that I love them, but know that I do. I love that we can go for a few weeks without talking and start off on the same page. It is refreshing to have that deeper level of understanding.

4.) For several students in my class who make it their personal goal to make me laugh, even giggle, at recess. They are so funny. If I had a different class this year, I think my hair would have already fallen out.

5.) For Katelyn, my almost sister-in-law. God picked out the right girl for Ryan, but He also picked out the right sister-in-law for me. I am so glad we were able to connect and talk during our last trip to Amarillo! I am looking forward to the many secrets, encouragements, struggles, and joys we will share being married to these Houston boys. :)

6.) There are only 2 more school weeks until Thanksgiving. This year could not go by any faster!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ever felt that way? I have been feeling this way since the beginning of this school year. This school year has been harder for me than any other year. There are a lot of reasons for this but I am not going to go into those because that is not the reason for this post.
Yesterday, I ran into an old Bible study leader. She asked how the year was going and in response, I told her that I felt that I am in constant state of drowning. She reminded me of the story of Peter walking on water. We, as Christians, are always striving to have that faith like Peter, faith strong enough to walk on water. Sometimes I feel that when I am not having that level of faith, when I feel like I am not strong enough to have that faith, that I am not close to God. But my sweet leader reminded me that whether I feel like I am walking on water or whether I have slipped below the surface, God knows it! In fact, He has allowed it. This year is not going to be easy. And that is ok. (I have to keep telling myself that!) It is ok because God has allowed me to encounter these trials. In the end, I will be stronger.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Review-The Help

So, in the glorious days of summer when I can read whatever I want, for however long I want, whenever I want, I was given the recommendation by several people to read The Help because it was just soooo good. Here are my thoughts on the book and the movie:

For as much as people loved this book, it did not initially, for the first couple hundred pages, meet my high expectations that I had developed from other people's opinions. Maybe the actual syntax threw me for a loop, but I did not actually start liking the book until the end. However, I would definitely recommend it to others as it is an interesting and engaging read.

What really made me love the book was the movie. They go so well together!

I am thankful that I did not grow up in a family that disregarded others or referred to others by their color or ethnicity alone. Because, unfortunately, I think this type of attitude and behavior is passed down from generation to generation. The book and movie are very eye-opening to the prejudice that existed decades ago, but I daresay persists today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

College Orientation

I saw a UNT orientation sign today while driving to Chicken Express. I am rarely on that side of town, and I knew that it was my golden opportunity to grab a yummy bite. I honestly don't think I have had it since I have been married. Shocking, right? (Martha and Candace used to find 3 to 4 boxes in my room at a time.

Anyway the orientation sign reminded me of my orientation at TWU. I don't remember much, but I am sure I was super excited. I loved college! I do remember meeting my friend Beth. That was nice to have someone buddy around with in the midst of people that I did not know. She also was an English major, and later on we ended taking a few classes together. I remember going in to the big computer lab and getting my account set up. The guy helping me was cute. (I only remember the important stuff, eh?)

That night we were assigned to a room in the big tall dorm building. Looking back, that must have been super awkward rooming with someone I had met 5 minutes prior. The next day we were given t-shirts to wear as we were herded around campus looking at the different buildings. It must have been super hot because I remember sweating so much. It was also so obvious because it was a gray shirt, and I had major sweat stains. Gross, I know, but I do sweat a lot regardless of the temperature.

When I see large groups of students touring the campus, I always smile because I remember what it felt like to be entering the world of college and being able to do whatever you want. Sounds a bit grandiose, but I think that is how I felt.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Around the kitchen table

Since getting married and moving to a place that I can call my own, I have learned that I really enjoy cooking. I didn't really cook that much growing up because my mom always did. My sister really liked to bake, but I never found myself in the kitchen much. I occasionally remember baking cookies. I would get all the ingredients out on the island table and talk to myself pretending that I was on a cooking show.

I love having a meal ready for Anthony when he gets home from work. This is one tangible way that I can show him that I love him. Although I don't do this every day, the satisfaction of making something and giving it to someone you care about and yourself is really a great feeling. If it turns out that way it supposed to, that is even better!

Anthony and I have a phrase above our kitchen table which says, "The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table." Although I was usually the one who wanted everyone else to finish their food faster, I recognize now that had my family skipped the actually sitting down together we would have missed a lot of the bonding time that helped solidify our family. For me, this phrase doesn't just apply to eating at the table. We love to play games around the table, too! Anthony bought this game called Farkle this last week while we were in Michigan. I bet over the course of the week different family members and us played at least 20 games of Farkle. (I definitely recommend buying this game. You actually only need 6 dice and the rules, which I am sure you can find online. It is also a great game for just two people.)

Having friends and family gather around the table for food or games or both is such a sweet time. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just started Beth Moore's Bible study titled Esther: It's tough being a woman. I have never done a Beth Moore study before, but I have heard great things about her studies. Plus, I am being given this great opportunity to get to know some really great girls from Student Ministries.

I wanted to share three verses that Beth shared with us today. She has them on an index card where she can see them every day.

Colossians 2:10a- In Him I have been made complete.

Song of Solomon 7:10- I am my beloved's and his desire is for me. (this isn't referring to my hubby. I am the Lord's)

Psalm 90:17-Let the favor of the Lord our God be on me.

I don't need to be cellulite-free, 10 pounds lighter, the most put together, you fill in the blank. I am already complete in Christ. He desires me. He desires to have a relationship with me. WOW!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I honestly don't know what more we could have jammed pack into this weekend. Here is the rundown of events:
Friday-We get all packed up and drive down to my parents' house in Colleyville. My sister is visiting from Tyler, and we are waiting for Eric, Sheryl, and sweet Lucy to arrive. Being an aunt is the greatest thing ever! It makes me never want to have children of my own. (that was a total joke, but I knew it would make a few people cringe, and I couldn't resist:) This was the first time that we had seen her walking--so cute.
Saturday-This was the only day during my brother's vacation that all of us could be together. We loaded up the car and headed to the park. It was so super windy. I have never seen wind like that around these here parts. My dad cooked for us on the camp stove. Breakfast has to be the best meal ever. Bacon, toad in the hole, pancakes, sausage, orange juice YUM YUM YUM! I vaguely remember going to the park to do this a few times when I was younger. One time it rained; the other time mom forgot the pans. Later that night we hopped on a plane to Grand Junction, Colorado, to watch Ryan, Anthony's brother play in the JUCO World Series. We were the last people in, which we were kinda bummed about, but holler, we got the only car left on the rental lot- a Chrysler 300. It made me stand a little taller and want to wear my enormous, obnoxious sunglasses all the time, even in the dark because we were that fly!
Sunday-Continental Breakfast at the hotel. We would l have liked to have some waffles, but the line never seemed to dwindle and the waffle maker was not shaped like the state of Texas. Clearly, the waffles would have tasted inferior, so why waste our time?
Anthony really wanted to go hiking at the Colorado National Monument. I kinda drug my feet about this because last time we went hiking it was super hot and we had to practically drag Zoey, Anthony's dog, the whole way. This was not the case this time. Since I was the only one old enough to drive the rental car, I got to drive all the way up the windy, steep mountain roads. Anyone ever see the Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball??--that is what I felt like. The scenery was beautiful, but it was so so windy. I stayed really far away from the edge because I didn't want to blow off. Later that afternoon, we walked around downtown GJ. Not much happening, but it was a cute downtown. Sunday was our 5 month anniversary, so it was fun to do something a little different.
Later that evening we headed to the ballpark to steak out our seats for the game. The wind was so incredible. I keep mentioning it because I don't think I have ever experienced wind this strong for that long. It was hard to watch the game with sand blowing in our eyes. We were super excited that Ryan got called into the game, so we could watch him play. He is so fun to watch.
The rest of the weekend kinda blurs together. I was vomiting that night, our flight got cancelled, we had to drive 16 hours to get home, we both had to take a day off work, we made it back safe and sound.

It was a busy, busy weekend full of family and friends, and we had a blast! (Minus the getting sick part:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodbye Third Grade

Last week I found out that I was being assigned to 4th grade next year. This came as a huge surprise considering that the week before my principal had told our team that she was going to keep us together. I love my team. They are so amazing. Last year was our first year together. We all came from different places, but we meshed so well. Our personalities are really different, but we have had the same goal: success for our children--no personal agendas. I may be leaving my wonderful well-working machine of a team, but I have gained friends for life. Corny, but true.

Michelle-Thank you for sharing a wall with me, for letting me pop my head in whenever I have a question, and sending me attachments over and over again because I have deleted them.

Alice-Thanks for being the bilingual queen. You do so much more extra stuff that I don't even know the half of it. Thank you for always making puppy chow-it is the best. PS I still have your bowl.

Ann Marie-You were the one person I knew on the team when I started. Thanks for sharing all the first year teacher ropes with me. Thank you for letting me copy your files and always sharing everything you create.

Ernesto-Mr. Handy Man: Thank you for always have nails and batteries and rope and krazy glue and anything else that we could possibly think of. Thanks for taking our difficult kids and being flexible.

Alexa-my running buddy. You are so willing to drop everything to do anything for someone else. Thank you for all the encouraging words.

I will miss all of you next year as I move down to the dungeon, as Michelle calls it. Please come visit. My classroom, and life, is always open to you. You guys have been the best introduction to teaching!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Goodness, I feel like I have not blogged in for-E-V-E-R! Last weekend we celebrated mother's day. My parents came up and visited. We cooked dinner, and my little brother was home from college. I love opening up our place to friends and family. It fills the heart with love. I am pouring love into them, and they are replenishing that love with love for me. It is a great feeling to give and receive. Growing up, I was always the first one to want to leave the table. "Ok, food is done, Can I be excused now?" I am realizing more and more the importance and joy of sitting around the table just talking.

Anthony and I made fajitas and this yummy strawberry salad. (I even convinced my brother to try it and he liked it!) To end it all we had a really tasty, and healthy, dessert. Yum! My mom is wonderful in so many many ways.
1. My mom is so sacrificial. She always puts herself last.
2. My mom is extremely sympathetic.
3. She is fair. She kept track of everything so that she did it exactly the same with all of us. Because, heaven knows, we would call her out if it wasn't exactly fair.
4. She raised four children. Not bragging about me, but we all turned out really well thanks to her.
5. She is a prayer warrior. Any time I had a struggle that I brought to her, she would ask me if I had prayed about it. At times, I probably got frustrated with this response. Over time though I realized that she believed in it. Prayer does work. Not that all your prayers get answered, but that you trust in God's provision enough to turn it over to Him...which is what we should be doing always.
6. She always had a meal on the table for us to eat together. I know this always wasn't easy especially when we whined about what she had spent time preparing. Now that I am cooking meals, I know how hard this is, and all I have to do is feed one extra mouth.
7. She taught me not to care what other people think. We had by far the ugliest, oldest car in the church parking. Anybody remember our old station wagon? Fun times. I used to be so embarrassed about riding in that thing. Eventually, I got over that, but I think that car taught me a big lesson. If people are going to judge me based on what I drive or what brand I wear, I probably don't want to be their friend anyway.
8. She is a hard worker and for little in return. She did not consider any job or task below her. That is why when we all started jobs as teenagers, we weren't the ones just standing around, we were always looking for work to be done.
9. She is super creative.
10. She doesn't pry. She manages to care about my life, marriage, husband, and decisions without being overbearing and a control freak. How nice that is to know that regardless of what decision I make, I will have a mom who supports me and loves me. She is a great example to follow.
Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

I feel like I am being broken. Being broken isn't always a bad thing. When you break a bone, it grows back stronger, right? God has really been working in my life lately with very little effort on my part. This post is more like a reflection and reminder for me, but it always helps me to have others share their struggles.
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
What! You too?
I thought I was the only one."
C. S. Lewis
I am the biggest empathizer. This last week a family at our church lost one of their sons in a car accident. He was my age and had been married for 3 years. I looked at his siblings' facebook pages several times this week. And my heart broke for them. It was amazing to see the body of Christ reach out to them, and their very God-centered reaction to this horrendous situation is a testament to their faith and our great God. But my heart hurts for them. It is one thing to say that God has a plan for my life, it is a completely different thing to accept that plan when it doesn't go the way that we anticipate.

My little brother posted this definition of forgiveness on his facebook yesterday: forgiveness is giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me.! It would be easier to turn away from this powerful quotation and continuing harboring anger toward this person. And to be quite honest, that is what I want to do. My flesh is currently winning. I know the right thing to do, but...I was right. but...what that person did was really mean and hurtful. but...if I don't harbor this anger and resentment, it is like saying the other person is right. but...then they are going to think they won.
"Hey, Angela, guess what? My Son did that for you. He forgave you. You need to do that for this other person. Love, God."

I love, love, love what I do! I have always wanted to be a teacher. I had a little gradebook when I was younger, and I would give spelling tests to my stuffed animals. My job is everything that I have dreamed for for years. I love going into work. I enjoy the people I work with. Most importantly, I love precious children in my classroom. Sure, sometimes I lose sight of the fact that my classroom is a great platform to show them how to care for others, how to respect one another, how to be nice, and I complain. But God has given me great access into the lives of hundreds of students to be used as a positive influence on their life. But, there is a (strong) possibility that this job\ministry will be taken away from me because of teacher cuts. And that hurts my heart. There is a lot of talk about cuts and potential cuts at school. For the most part, I have been able to maintain the attitude talked about in Luke 12; however, it is difficult when friends are getting laid off.
For this reason I say to you, [U]do not worry about your [V]life, as to what you will eat; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. 23“For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. 24“Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds! 25“And which of you by worrying can add a single [W]hour to his [X]life’s span? 26“If then you cannot do even a very little thing, why do you worry about other matters? 27“Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 28“But if God so clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more will He clothe you? You men of little faith! 29“And do not seek what you will eat and what you will drink, and do not keep worrying.
My worrying is not going to add another day or year to my job. All it does is show that I do not have enough faith in God to provide for my needs. If God has different plans for me for next year, I can be confident in knowing that these plans will be better than any plans that I can ever anticipate. I believe this.

Okay, all these random thought tied together:
Therefore I am well content with weaknesses (God, I feel so vulnerable right now), with insults(that really, really hurt when they said those things about me and I can't get it out of my head), with distresses(I am concerned, I mean freaking out, about my job, and I don't want to be), with persecutions(Satan is tempting me not to trust in your perfect plan for my life), with difficulties(I may have to give up my cable tv and movie dates, and I don't want to), for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong(God make me strong in you. Not to boast in my strength, but to turn others to you). 1 Corinthians 12:10.

We have been singing this song at church for the last couple weeks. I love it!! I cry almost every time because it is so true, so true. And yet sometimes, I am so resistant to God. I want to work it out my way, I want to plan things that I have no control over. I want to be broken to be completely used by God for His purposes. I hope this is an encouragement to you as it is to me.
You are good, You are good
When there's nothing good in me
You are love, You are love
On display for all to see
You are light, You are light
When the darkness closes in
You are hope, You are hope
You have covered all my sin

You are peace, You are peace
When my fear is crippling
You are true, You are true
Even in my wandering
You are joy, You are joy
You're the reason that I sing
You are life, You are life,
In You death has lost it's sting

Oh, I'm running to your arms,
I'm running to arms
The riches of your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

You are more, You are more
Than my words will ever say
You are Lord, You are Lord
All creation will proclaim
You are here, You are here
In your presence I'm made whole
You are God, You are God
Of all else I'm letting go

Oh, I'm running to your arms
I'm running to arms
The riches of your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

My heart will sing
no other name
Jesus, Jesus

Oh, I'm running to your arms
I'm running to arms
The riches of your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

Thursday, March 24, 2011

O, honey!

The honeymoon period:
1. a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple.
Anthony and I went to Cozumel, Mexico for our honeymoon. I wish this wasn't the case, but it was kinda a disappointment to us. First, we were ill-prepared. We didn't bring anything snacky, and it isn't like you can just walk across the street to Walmart. We didn't bring any activities to do. Those would have come in really helpful when Anthony got sick for like 24 hours. The resort was ill-prepared. I mean, we got a room with two twin beds the first night we were there. I dropped the line, "We are on our honeymoon" so many times I can't remember, but the only thing we got for the whole week was a half bottle of champagne. I don't even like champagne. Sure, snorkeling was fun, but if we would love the opportunity to redo that honeymoon trip. Honeymoon definition number one: not successful.
2. the month or so following a marriage.
We are coming up on our third month of marriage. Time has just flown by!
Honeymoon definition number two: over.
any new relationship characterized by an initial period of harmony and goodwill
My relationship with Anthony is in no way new, but it has definitely changed. Our first months of marriage have been characterized with car trouble, overwhelming work, death of a loved one, and relationship "adjustments." We can honestly say that we don't feel like we had any part of this definition of a honeymoon. "Real" married life began the day we married.
Honeymoon definition number three: non-existent.
4. any period of blissful harmony
Thank goodness there is a fourth definition!! Regardless of whether our trip wasn't as expected or that circumstances outside of our control have somewhat marred our initial period of harmony and goodwill, Anthony and I still are in blissful harmony. There will always be circumstances outside of our control, people who disagree with us, stressful situations at work. However, I am thankful for my smart brother's advice, "As long as you and Anthony are on the same page, nothing else matters." As long as we put our primary focus on our relationship, then people, circumstances, and stress cannot break our period of blissful harmony.
Honeymoon definition number four: SUCCESS!!

the Old Ones

Old men are so cute! I love their big glasses. I love when they wear their pants just a little too high. Suspenders are the best. Skinny or pudgy will do. Top it off with a cute hat, cane, or darling old lady wife, and I am all smiles. Anytime I see them in the grocery store or out about town, I always point them out to Anthony. (He does not share this fascination.) I get all weepy when I see them; I cannot help it! Recently this adorable old man rear-ended another car--I could barely contain myself. It was so sad\cute. Fortunately, no damage was done to either car.

This last week I think I discovered a major hotspot for cute old men--our church. These men are not only naturally cute, but they have their best suit on, and their well-worn Bibles and they are at church! How could it get any better? I submit that it cannot.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Grapefruit knife

Anthony and I have just started buying grapefruit at the store. With buying grapefruit comes the tedious process of cutting the grapefruit before eating it. While doing this, it reminded me of the knife my family had growing up. It was this old serrated knife. All the color had come off the handle. And it was crooked in a weird way. This was the best knife to cut grapefruit probably because it had been used to cut a gazzillion grapefruits. And I am sure if I went home I would find that very knife in the same spot it always is. It would for sure be helpful at our home now because steak knives just aren't cutting it.

Sometimes the new, fancy-looking thing isn't always what is best. Sometimes the old, familiar, used item gets the job done just fine.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What I am loving right now

In the midst of all the stress surrounding TAKs testing and teacher cuts, let me share with you ten things that I am loving right now:

1. Tapioca pudding--my grandpa used to call it "fish eyes." I try to smash those little things with my tongue while I eat it. What are those things anyway??? For that matter, what flavor is tapioca??

2. Spring air as written by L.M Montgomery, " chatting together near the open door that led to the veranda, through which a cool, delicious breeze was blowing, bringing whiffs of phantom perfume from the garden, and charming gay echoes from the vine hung corner"

3. Reading the Anne of Green Gables series as mentioned above. I am already on book 8! I need good recommendations for reading material after I am finished.

4. Being at financial peace and on the same page as my husband in regard to OUR money. We were both raised to handle money very, very, very differently. Let me clarify, that neither one of us think that either one of our parents did it the "right" or "wrong" way. Blending two different ideas about any subject is going to take work. We have always known that finances would be our testing point. Thankfully, our financial advisor is a wonderful man of God and understands the importance of being at peace with our financial decisions. Peace, for us, meant that we paid off our debt. He helped us set up a payment plan to be out of debt (from college loans) in April 2012. We are so excited about working toward this goal!!

5. My best friend is going to have a baby!!! She will be a great mom because she has always been a loving, caring, sacrificial friend. I love you, Brittany!

6. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting another bundle of joy, too! I love being an aunt so so so much!

7. Playing volleyball at school.

8. Getting Anthony's car fixed completely for no more than our tax return! Thank you, Lord!

9. Playing practical jokes on Anthony. Last week when he was in the shower, I poured a glass of ice cold water on him. I thought it was really funny, but he initially got so mad that I will for sure think twice before I do that again.

10. The pictures on the right: McDonald's egg bacon cheese biscuits, magazines, and snorkeling. Currently I am not doing any of those, but I love them!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day rolls around, it is fun to remember all the Valentine's dates that Anthony and I have gone in the past. We tend to do this with any holiday, but I also find myself doing it with my good and longtime friends. Even though we do this every year, it seems we have the most difficult time remembering what we did. Imagine how hard it is going to be when we have to remember more than 5 years!

This last week my family and I spent a lot of time "remembering when." Last Sunday my grandmother on my dad's side passed away. We knew her time was coming to an end. I saw her in October at my bridal shower in Michigan, and I knew it would be the last time I saw her. She was 91, and she was ready to go home.

I was really dreading going to Michigan for the visitation and funeral. The last funeral I went to was my great grandfather's, about 12 years ago. I think this one hit me harder because it affects me more because it affects me dad. And I am my daddy's little girl.

It wasn't as difficult as I anticipated; it was actually a good time to hang out with cousins and relatives I don't get to see very often. Thank God for my grandmother's life and the sweet memories she made with us. Thank God also for reassuring me that He is enough to sustain me in this rough time.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 things Part 2

6. Like a week or so after we got back from our honeymoon, Anthony's car starts having trouble--like major, $2500 transmission overhaul, trouble. Turns out that wasn't what it was and fortunately, the car is still drivable. However, it was kinda like God asking us if we thought He was big enough to take care of and provide for us. I have been slowly (slllllllllllowwwly) making my way through The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. In the section of what wives need to know about God she says, "He considers all the possible ramifications. There is no limit to his understanding. This enables Him to determine what is best for you and how you can glorify Him the most." Anthony's car needing repairs was NOT in our financial plans. I mean, we knew we were going to need one eventually, but we didn't want to fork over the money now. We were faced with an adversity. Martha Peace continues by saying, "One example of good that comes from adversity is changes in your character as you become more like the Lord Jesus Christ. Another example of good that comes from adversity is that God is tremendously honored if you respond biblically." What an awesome thought that God could use a lowly sinner like me to bring Him glory?!?!

7. Hello DVR!!! I had been living without a TV for the last year and a half. Now, I am being spoiled rotten. Cable...a gazzillion channels...DVR...Could I ask for more? I have made sure to keep Anthony up to date on The Real Housewives of Alanta and Beverly Hills, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. He gets so agitated with each show--it is amusing to watch (both him and the shows!).

8. We finish our first couple's project (snaps and claps for us!!). We had purchase some vinyl wall art last weekend. The kind that you press on to the wall and then when you move it (hopefully) comes off. We got the phrase "The fondest memories are made when gathered round the table." I love this phrase! and I hope that it is true for my family as it was true for me growing up. Getting that phrase straight was a big huge ordeal. Getting it to unstick from the paper was another ordeal. I was worried that certain letters would be stuck to the wall and others to the paper. Long story short: we got it up, we didn't kill each other...SUCCESS!!

9. Before we got married, Anthony said that he would help write half of the thank you notes for the wedding gifts. I finally nagged him enough to finish his thank you notes for his shower gifts. His shower was like 3 months ago. SO, if you are waiting on your thank you note, it is taken long than intended because I am having to write them all. Lesson learned: nagging works occasionally and it was dumb of me to believe that Anthony would write thank you notes. Here is an example of his thank you note: Dear_____________, Thank you for the ___________. I like it. Thank you, Anthony. hahaha I love you, dear!

10. Oh apartment living:) I naively assumed that once I moved away from my drunken neighbors on fry street that I would no longer need to hear my neighbors. But apartments are way worse\better. Worse in that you hear people from all sides. Better that it is like eavesdropping without all the effort or guilt. I mean, I am the one sitting in my home. They are the ones being loud. Unfortunately, nothing of interest has developed on either side of my apartment. Updates to follow....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 Things I have learned in the 1st month Part 1

1. Married life is not as different as I expected it to be. I often times look at Anthony and am like, "We are married!" (He then looks at me like I am crazy!) I spent enough time getting to know Anthony before we got married, that nothing really major has surprised me...yet.

2. I really enjoy cooking. My mom was a great meal planner, and I have incorporated a lot of her techniques. I use a calendar and plan my meals by week, then once a week we go shopping once a week. I have never been a big fan of going to the grocery store more than once a week. Plus, all grocery stores in Denton want me to poke my eyes out. They are so busy and never ever have enough check out lines open!

3. It is really great to be married to an Office Depot kinda guy.

4. It is always cold in the apartment because he is always hot. I would say that this is the area where I have compromised. I do have an electric blanket on my half of the bed. Check out #5 for an area where Anthony compromised.

5. I knew that Anthony was a snoozer--meaning he hits the snooze like 3 times before he gets up. I know this because while we were dating he often slept through his alarm and then was super upset when he missed going to the gym or was late to work. He often blamed it on the alarm not going off. This morning procedure is clearly inferior and ineffective. I, on the other hand, set my alarm for the time I want to get up, and then...look out...I GET UP. Novel thought, I know. I had been warning Anthony that this behavior would not be tolerated. True to my word, he has now learned how to get up right after the alarm goes off. So nice! The only thing that would be better would be if I didn't have to wake up when his alarm goes off.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

December Duzzy

So, I didn't get a chance to blog in December at all. My wedding planning and job were kinda all consuming. I will blog more about that latter. Today, I wanted to blog about going to the Denton Tree Lighting Festival in the square.

It seems like every time Denton is hosting something in the square I find out about it as Anthony and I drive by on our way to an already scheduled event. And every time I get so super frustrated because I think I would really love to go do those things. They are free events and fun entertainment. What could be better? Every time we drive by, I think nothing could be greater and I vow that next time the square hosts an event, "We will be there!" Well, this conversation has gone on for several years, but in December 2010 I actually made it to the Tree Lighting Festival. Here is what happened:

Originally, I was planning on going with my then fiance, but he had to work late. His disappointment in missing these events is similar to the disappointment he feels when we forget to DVR the Bachelor--which really isn't disappointment at all. But I was not to be deterred! I invited Carrie, a sweet girl from my high school group at Church. She had no idea what I was dragging her into.

We met up at a coffee shop near the square. The only notable thing that happened there was that when we were leaving, she saw this guy from student ministries and starting waving at him. This guy hasn't the slightest idea who I am (I know, super disheartening that all the high school boys don't know me by name). It was like a good full minute of Carrie waving and this guy awkwardly starring at us trying to figure out who we were. He never did figure it out, but thankfully the parking lot was short, and we were able to pull away.

In my head, I knew exactly where we were going to park. This always happens. For example, the first day of college. I knew of exactly one parking lot at TWU where commuters where allowed to park. And in my head, that was where I was going to park. The lot had plenty of room; no big deal. Wrong! Not only was that lot full, but every lot I passed by as well. I ended up parking at the Denton Public Library and walking what felt like a mile to class. You would think I would learn my lesson about parking lots, but no. Same thing happened that night. We ended up parking in this grass lot forever away from the square. I wanted to be sure that I could find the car when we left, so I made sure I read the street name where we were at. "Elm, I told Carrie, "remember Elm."

We made it to the square just in time to watching Natalie, another sweet, talented girl in my small group, dance. Then we went Wassailing. Wassail is like hot cider. A few days earlier, I found out that most of the stores participate in a wassail contest. You get free wassail and then get to vote on your fav. It was a good thing that I did not know about this part of the Festival in years past because my disappointment in missing it would be tenfold.

So Carrie and I traveled around tasting wassail. I definitely burned my tongue quite severely on the first cup. We only sampled about four glasses. One can only have so many cups of wassail.

Fortunately we had ended back up on Elm, so I decided that we should just head back to the car. Well, we walked a really long ways in the cold and dark. Nothing looked really familiar, but I was positive that we had parked somewhere on Elm. To make a long story short, I apparently can't read. We had parked on Bell. I guess on got confused because both words were short and had the letters E and L. Whatever, I guess next time I will have to take a picture of the street sign.