Saturday, October 27, 2012

Peek-A-boo Soup

I love this soup.  It looks like a lot of steps; however, it really is just dumping one ingredient in after another.   Some of the ingredients look like it would make it spicy, but it is NOT SPICY at all.  If you know me, I have a very low tolerance for anything spicy, but it is very flavorful.  Yum!

You will need a large pot for this as there is a lot of ingredients.

I don't know what the original name for this is.  My family named it Peekaboo soup when we were younger because my sister, a picky eater, would always try to peek under the tortilla chips to make sure she wasn't eating an onion or a tomato.  We still laugh about it today!  Isn't it fun making memories around the kitchen table?

I hope this recipe works for you and helps create many memories for your family!

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