Thursday, October 18, 2012

Joey voice: How YOU doin'?

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It's okay that I am eating two huge chocolate chip cookies from Chickfila because that is a cut-down from the three I was eating.
It's okay that I have to wait to call my parents until I am not driving because they will hang up on me if they know I am driving and on the phone.
It's okay that each week of the school year makes me more stressed out and causes me to contemplate other careers.  This week's option: hotel customer service.
It's okay that I am a little jealous of all those people who like wine.  I so desperately wish to be in my kitchen, with an apron, cooking dinner, with a glass of wine.  I pretend with my tall stemmed glasses.
It's okay that other people have different birthing plans than I do.  (And it's okay to decline commenting about that because you don't want their opinion.)
It's probably not okay to vote only for the people who your dad tells you who to vote for.
It's okay to enjoy an evening alone at the apartment.

Are you doing okay?

1 comment:

  1. It's totallyyyyy okay to eat two cookies (hey, like you said, at least it's not 3!)

    My mom does the SAME exact thing when I call her because I usually call her on my way home from work.

    You definitely need to learn to love wine ;)