Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is in your stocking?

We started a new tradition last year with my family.  We joke that our tradition is starting traditions.  It was hard to start and maintain traditions growing up because each Christmas looked different than the last.  Sometimes, my dad would have to work in the morning.  Sometimes, he would work in the afternoon, and sometimes not at all.  Sometimes, we would spend Christmas in Michigan. 

Besides our tradition of ornaments, we didn't really have a set tradition.  Not to say though, that we did not create wonderful memories every year--they were just different.

Because of work schedules and other familial obligations, it is also hard for all of us to be together on Christmas.  So, we created some new traditions with my family, and I love them!

First, we swap names and buy for only one person.  Mom and Dad are out though because they buy for everyone, and everyone buys for them.  Mom usually knows what everyone wants because we have told her.  This helps keeps the cost of buying presents down.  It is difficult to buy for so many people, especially when gifts should not be the focus. 

Secondly, we started a stocking gift.  For me, it is always so fun to open the small gifts.  Each person comes up with the same gift to give each person.  Total for every person, your gift should not exceed 5 dollars.  This requires quite a bit of thought and planning the year before.  Sometimes, you may have to stock up on an item on sale.  Last year some gift ideas included: pack of gum, chapstick, toothbrush, pictures, candles, hand warmers.  I did Snow Man poop (white tic tacs with a cute little poem that I found on Pinterest) and Brown Sugar Body Scrub (yum! and it makes your hands and legs feel great!)

I think I slightly exceeded the limit last year by a few dollars, but this year I def stayed in budget.  I will be posted those projects later.  I don't want to give them away just yet!


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  1. How interesting! You just gave a few ideas! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!