Sunday, December 16, 2012

The biggest cinnamon roll and first mention of sex

Over Thanksgiving break, Anthony and I traveled to Maryland for our second annual trip vacation.  I guess, it would be our third if you count our honeymoon.  But our honeymoon was kinda lame because 1.)We ended up with separate beds.  What?!  I know!  2.)We were still figuring out sex.  3.)Anthony got the sickest he has ever been in his life.  He spent one night on the floor in the bathroom.  So...I don't really count our honeymoon as a pleasant vacay.

Anthony and I really enjoy traveling just the two of us because we are not bound by anyone else's schedules or protocol.  If I want to wear sweat pants to the cheesecake factory, I go right ahead.  If I want to lay in bed and take a nap, I don't feel like someone is going to judge me.  This year we stayed at Anthony's cousin's house.  Although apprehensive at first about what expectations I would be required to uphold, I was pleasantly relieved that Jenn and Shawn and their four kids were the best type of relaxation that I needed.  In fact, all of Anthony's family that I hung out with were so chill and fun.  We really enjoyed catching up and bonding with everyone up there.

While we weren't with family, we were exploring.  Here are a few pictures of our journey:
We went on a walking tour of Washington DC.  Anthony was the perfect tour guide.  I was tired of walking before we got to any of the Smithsonian's, though. 
Gorgeous!  When I was younger and visited my grandparents in Michigan, we would take our pretty leaves and press them between wax paper using an iron.  Such a fun memory! This was my favorite part of Washington DC.

We stayed with relatives for the first two days, but decided to fend for ourselves our last two nights in Fells Point.  Anthony picked a really awesome hotel with a sweet view of the harbor!  (Side Note:  Be aware of what creepers you are friends with on your facebook.  Jenn and Shaun found exactly what room we were in using this photo I had posted.  :)
We got together for a kids-free dinner in Little Italy.  Yummy!
And my hair looked totally awesome that night.  Just had to brag.  Also, I don't think I washed it the whole time I was there.  My best hair days are when it is dirty. 
Old cobblestone streets.
Fort McHenry.  This trip was seriously like a huge history lesson for me.  I feel smarter already!
This was lunch one day.  It was seriously like the best thing ever.  It took me like a day and a half to eat it.  It is a good thing that this place is not around here. 
We got this the last night there.  We had been sitting in the hotel for like 3 hours watching Family Feud.  I had just taken my makeup off to go to bed, and Anthony was bored.  So we enjoyed this little treat, and I am glad we did not miss it.  



  1. Your blog is lovely! Keep up the good work!! :)


  2. Love your beautiful photos! Glad to hear your vacation was relaxing and fun!

  3. So glad to have a new local blog friend! :) I spent an entire afternoon and night on the floor of our hotel bathroom on our honeymoon too - I'm glad I'm not the only one with that awful experience!