Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I quit!

I have thought this so many times this week at school!  I cannot be everything these needy children require.  I cannot be their counselor, friend, parent, teacher, and disciplinarian.  I am not emotionally and mentally able to handle that.  I am overwhelmed hourly.  I am constantly reminded of everything I am not doing right.

Fortunately, as one fellow teacher reminded me, I am not doing this for my principal, the parents, the scores, even the children.  I am striving and doing the best I know how to do for God.  He is my audience.  He is the one I will be accountable to for my actions and word choice, oh gosh, even my thoughts toward my children.

Unlike the state of Texas, God does not have a pass or fail, He graciously gives me another chance. 

So, I guess, I need to stop thinking about how often I want to strangle them.  jk, but not really.




  1. Haha I feel ya girl. Thinking of all the things you're thankful for helps. But sometimes it still just feels like it's all gonna cave in :/

    1. I am planning on picking up the 1000s gift book over Christmas and reading it...unless you have a copy handy that I could borrow???

  2. I'm feelin ya on this post. My students have been off the wall lately!!

  3. I love your blog it's really encouraging :)

  4. I'm glad you think so! Thanks for visiting!