Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays 

 *It's ok that my poor beta fish almost died in our 48 degree apartment while we were gone.  I revived him with a hair blow dryer, and I think, he is going to make it.

 *It's ok that I didn't go out in the snow at all, except to take this picture.

*It's ok that I didn't use any of my eye doctor allowance this year because I have an appointment scheduled in an hour.  And I will have contacts ordered before the start of the new year.  Plus, I have another opportunity to review a product-glasses.  I will keep you posted.
*Speaking of reviews, I guess it is okay that I am about to write a negative review for the company I got my dress with.  I have tried for weeks to get it resolved.  That wanted honest opinions, right?
*It's ok to be thankful that the drama is with someone else and not you.
*It's ok, really ok that I have $40 of Kohl's cash to spend today!  And that the Kohl's building in Denton is almost done!!!
*It's ok sad when I find a house that I love, but we are still about 4 months out before we can start really looking.



  1. Ah Your "It's Okay" is after my own heart! I'm so excited about Kohl's opening in Denton!! We started looking for a house this weekend and we're still 4 to 6 months from buying. Great to know what our money can buy, but so hard to stay content when you're looking at something you can't have!

  2. Did not even know Denton was getting a kohls!

  3. We must be twins!!!!!!

    Because #1: I did actually go out in the snow but I am SOO over it after spending the holidays in Indiana
    #2: I didn't have eye insurance until NOW because I didn't have glasses until last year and now that I realized I am blind, I want contacts SOO bad and i'm so glad that my benefits kick in soon so I can schedule an appointment to get some!
    #3: I got an email to review glasses too! I haven't ordered them yet though because I don't know my pupillary distance?!?!?!
    #4: Hate drama
    #5: I have found THREE houses that I love, but like you, it's not time to "house shop" yet because we have to wait a few months too and i'm soo sad because I love all three of the houses! (you should send me pictures of the one you found!)