Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mayhem Man

Attractive, much?

These commercials are so funny!  If you have not seen them, check them out on You tube!

Insurance Merger
These were our costumes this year for our costume party.  We are not big dresser uppers because it usually stresses me out.  But this was a fun idea, and it was pretty easy to gather the costumes.

Mayhem Man:
Suit and Tie (already had)
Old phone decked out with sparkly stickers
Girly bandaid
Dark Eye shadow

White Shirt (already had)
White Apron (craft store in section where you glue on stuff or paint shirts)
White paints (hardest thing to find, but found them at a resale store)
Red Lipstick(I have become the biggest fan of this, and I wear it quite often!)
I printed off the signs.

Cheap and Easy!   Plus, you can watch all the Mayhem commercials and call it research.


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