Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Get Tight-Guest Post

Read her post.  She is definitely very convincing.  I think I might have to buy a pair of tights after I get back from my trip.  If you enjoyed this post, go check out Ragan's blog.  She always has great pictures and fashion advice:)  Happy Thanksgiving's Eve.   

On Colored Tights [and how they will change your life.]

hello friends! I am Ragan and I blog over at Touch of Serendipity. Sweet Angela asked me to share with ya'll today and I'm so happy to be here!

ok so. we all know that guest posts can be extremely boring.
which is why this is going to be short and sweet.

here's the punchline: get yourself some colored tights. They will change your life. here is photographic evidence:

cranberry tights - my most prized possession. (besides my engagement ring, right?) 
images found here.

Secondly, mustard tights. because mustard is everyone's favorite color when it comes to panty hose, correct? oh sorry, these are tights.
images found here and here.

And last but not least, the purple tights. because who doesn't want purple legs? mmm sexy. 
images found here.

colored tights are great if you 
1.) want some fun in your wardrobe.
2.) need to cover up the fact that you haven't shaved your legs in a month.
3.) want to figured out how to spice up that plain black dress you have worn all week. 
4.) all of the above.

So there you have it. that's my soap box. if you ever want a bit of snazz in your wardrobe, hop on over to Target because they have an awesome collection of colored tights right now. go to the colored tights aisle, pick out some cranberry, mustard, and purple colored tights, and knock yourself out.  
you will feel like a new woman.
trust me. 


  1. I LOVE wearing colored tights. I'm always so happy when my legs are fuchsia, or cobalt blue....or covered with polka dots, too!

  2. So cute!! Adore tights :)