Thursday, March 24, 2011

the Old Ones

Old men are so cute! I love their big glasses. I love when they wear their pants just a little too high. Suspenders are the best. Skinny or pudgy will do. Top it off with a cute hat, cane, or darling old lady wife, and I am all smiles. Anytime I see them in the grocery store or out about town, I always point them out to Anthony. (He does not share this fascination.) I get all weepy when I see them; I cannot help it! Recently this adorable old man rear-ended another car--I could barely contain myself. It was so sad\cute. Fortunately, no damage was done to either car.

This last week I think I discovered a major hotspot for cute old men--our church. These men are not only naturally cute, but they have their best suit on, and their well-worn Bibles and they are at church! How could it get any better? I submit that it cannot.

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