Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Review-The Help

So, in the glorious days of summer when I can read whatever I want, for however long I want, whenever I want, I was given the recommendation by several people to read The Help because it was just soooo good. Here are my thoughts on the book and the movie:

For as much as people loved this book, it did not initially, for the first couple hundred pages, meet my high expectations that I had developed from other people's opinions. Maybe the actual syntax threw me for a loop, but I did not actually start liking the book until the end. However, I would definitely recommend it to others as it is an interesting and engaging read.

What really made me love the book was the movie. They go so well together!

I am thankful that I did not grow up in a family that disregarded others or referred to others by their color or ethnicity alone. Because, unfortunately, I think this type of attitude and behavior is passed down from generation to generation. The book and movie are very eye-opening to the prejudice that existed decades ago, but I daresay persists today.

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