Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 things Part 2

6. Like a week or so after we got back from our honeymoon, Anthony's car starts having trouble--like major, $2500 transmission overhaul, trouble. Turns out that wasn't what it was and fortunately, the car is still drivable. However, it was kinda like God asking us if we thought He was big enough to take care of and provide for us. I have been slowly (slllllllllllowwwly) making my way through The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. In the section of what wives need to know about God she says, "He considers all the possible ramifications. There is no limit to his understanding. This enables Him to determine what is best for you and how you can glorify Him the most." Anthony's car needing repairs was NOT in our financial plans. I mean, we knew we were going to need one eventually, but we didn't want to fork over the money now. We were faced with an adversity. Martha Peace continues by saying, "One example of good that comes from adversity is changes in your character as you become more like the Lord Jesus Christ. Another example of good that comes from adversity is that God is tremendously honored if you respond biblically." What an awesome thought that God could use a lowly sinner like me to bring Him glory?!?!

7. Hello DVR!!! I had been living without a TV for the last year and a half. Now, I am being spoiled rotten. Cable...a gazzillion channels...DVR...Could I ask for more? I have made sure to keep Anthony up to date on The Real Housewives of Alanta and Beverly Hills, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. He gets so agitated with each show--it is amusing to watch (both him and the shows!).

8. We finish our first couple's project (snaps and claps for us!!). We had purchase some vinyl wall art last weekend. The kind that you press on to the wall and then when you move it (hopefully) comes off. We got the phrase "The fondest memories are made when gathered round the table." I love this phrase! and I hope that it is true for my family as it was true for me growing up. Getting that phrase straight was a big huge ordeal. Getting it to unstick from the paper was another ordeal. I was worried that certain letters would be stuck to the wall and others to the paper. Long story short: we got it up, we didn't kill each other...SUCCESS!!

9. Before we got married, Anthony said that he would help write half of the thank you notes for the wedding gifts. I finally nagged him enough to finish his thank you notes for his shower gifts. His shower was like 3 months ago. SO, if you are waiting on your thank you note, it is taken long than intended because I am having to write them all. Lesson learned: nagging works occasionally and it was dumb of me to believe that Anthony would write thank you notes. Here is an example of his thank you note: Dear_____________, Thank you for the ___________. I like it. Thank you, Anthony. hahaha I love you, dear!

10. Oh apartment living:) I naively assumed that once I moved away from my drunken neighbors on fry street that I would no longer need to hear my neighbors. But apartments are way worse\better. Worse in that you hear people from all sides. Better that it is like eavesdropping without all the effort or guilt. I mean, I am the one sitting in my home. They are the ones being loud. Unfortunately, nothing of interest has developed on either side of my apartment. Updates to follow....

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  1. I loved this!!! I do no miss apartment living, but it was definitely entertaining at times!