Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful for...

In the midst of all this chaos and things I could complain about, like school, I am going to take a break and blog about some things that I am thankful for. If I am following the facebook trend, I have some catching up to do.

1.) I am thankful for a husband who helps clean the apartment. Yesterday, I was so frustrated because I couldn't find my school ID because, you know I need it for Saturdays to go up and do more work at school. (Stop it, this is my thankful list, not my complaining list.) Anyway, he cleaned up the apartment and found my ID. He wasn't bitter that I was super mean and nasty to him. So, thanks Anthony. You are the best!

2.) For cold nights and electric blankets.

3.) For friends and family that I don't have to call every week to reassure them that I love them, but know that I do. I love that we can go for a few weeks without talking and start off on the same page. It is refreshing to have that deeper level of understanding.

4.) For several students in my class who make it their personal goal to make me laugh, even giggle, at recess. They are so funny. If I had a different class this year, I think my hair would have already fallen out.

5.) For Katelyn, my almost sister-in-law. God picked out the right girl for Ryan, but He also picked out the right sister-in-law for me. I am so glad we were able to connect and talk during our last trip to Amarillo! I am looking forward to the many secrets, encouragements, struggles, and joys we will share being married to these Houston boys. :)

6.) There are only 2 more school weeks until Thanksgiving. This year could not go by any faster!

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