Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I honestly don't know what more we could have jammed pack into this weekend. Here is the rundown of events:
Friday-We get all packed up and drive down to my parents' house in Colleyville. My sister is visiting from Tyler, and we are waiting for Eric, Sheryl, and sweet Lucy to arrive. Being an aunt is the greatest thing ever! It makes me never want to have children of my own. (that was a total joke, but I knew it would make a few people cringe, and I couldn't resist:) This was the first time that we had seen her walking--so cute.
Saturday-This was the only day during my brother's vacation that all of us could be together. We loaded up the car and headed to the park. It was so super windy. I have never seen wind like that around these here parts. My dad cooked for us on the camp stove. Breakfast has to be the best meal ever. Bacon, toad in the hole, pancakes, sausage, orange juice YUM YUM YUM! I vaguely remember going to the park to do this a few times when I was younger. One time it rained; the other time mom forgot the pans. Later that night we hopped on a plane to Grand Junction, Colorado, to watch Ryan, Anthony's brother play in the JUCO World Series. We were the last people in, which we were kinda bummed about, but holler, we got the only car left on the rental lot- a Chrysler 300. It made me stand a little taller and want to wear my enormous, obnoxious sunglasses all the time, even in the dark because we were that fly!
Sunday-Continental Breakfast at the hotel. We would l have liked to have some waffles, but the line never seemed to dwindle and the waffle maker was not shaped like the state of Texas. Clearly, the waffles would have tasted inferior, so why waste our time?
Anthony really wanted to go hiking at the Colorado National Monument. I kinda drug my feet about this because last time we went hiking it was super hot and we had to practically drag Zoey, Anthony's dog, the whole way. This was not the case this time. Since I was the only one old enough to drive the rental car, I got to drive all the way up the windy, steep mountain roads. Anyone ever see the Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball??--that is what I felt like. The scenery was beautiful, but it was so so windy. I stayed really far away from the edge because I didn't want to blow off. Later that afternoon, we walked around downtown GJ. Not much happening, but it was a cute downtown. Sunday was our 5 month anniversary, so it was fun to do something a little different.
Later that evening we headed to the ballpark to steak out our seats for the game. The wind was so incredible. I keep mentioning it because I don't think I have ever experienced wind this strong for that long. It was hard to watch the game with sand blowing in our eyes. We were super excited that Ryan got called into the game, so we could watch him play. He is so fun to watch.
The rest of the weekend kinda blurs together. I was vomiting that night, our flight got cancelled, we had to drive 16 hours to get home, we both had to take a day off work, we made it back safe and sound.

It was a busy, busy weekend full of family and friends, and we had a blast! (Minus the getting sick part:)

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