Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Grapefruit knife

Anthony and I have just started buying grapefruit at the store. With buying grapefruit comes the tedious process of cutting the grapefruit before eating it. While doing this, it reminded me of the knife my family had growing up. It was this old serrated knife. All the color had come off the handle. And it was crooked in a weird way. This was the best knife to cut grapefruit probably because it had been used to cut a gazzillion grapefruits. And I am sure if I went home I would find that very knife in the same spot it always is. It would for sure be helpful at our home now because steak knives just aren't cutting it.

Sometimes the new, fancy-looking thing isn't always what is best. Sometimes the old, familiar, used item gets the job done just fine.

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