Tuesday, July 19, 2011

College Orientation

I saw a UNT orientation sign today while driving to Chicken Express. I am rarely on that side of town, and I knew that it was my golden opportunity to grab a yummy bite. I honestly don't think I have had it since I have been married. Shocking, right? (Martha and Candace used to find 3 to 4 boxes in my room at a time.

Anyway the orientation sign reminded me of my orientation at TWU. I don't remember much, but I am sure I was super excited. I loved college! I do remember meeting my friend Beth. That was nice to have someone buddy around with in the midst of people that I did not know. She also was an English major, and later on we ended taking a few classes together. I remember going in to the big computer lab and getting my account set up. The guy helping me was cute. (I only remember the important stuff, eh?)

That night we were assigned to a room in the big tall dorm building. Looking back, that must have been super awkward rooming with someone I had met 5 minutes prior. The next day we were given t-shirts to wear as we were herded around campus looking at the different buildings. It must have been super hot because I remember sweating so much. It was also so obvious because it was a gray shirt, and I had major sweat stains. Gross, I know, but I do sweat a lot regardless of the temperature.

When I see large groups of students touring the campus, I always smile because I remember what it felt like to be entering the world of college and being able to do whatever you want. Sounds a bit grandiose, but I think that is how I felt.

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