Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day rolls around, it is fun to remember all the Valentine's dates that Anthony and I have gone in the past. We tend to do this with any holiday, but I also find myself doing it with my good and longtime friends. Even though we do this every year, it seems we have the most difficult time remembering what we did. Imagine how hard it is going to be when we have to remember more than 5 years!

This last week my family and I spent a lot of time "remembering when." Last Sunday my grandmother on my dad's side passed away. We knew her time was coming to an end. I saw her in October at my bridal shower in Michigan, and I knew it would be the last time I saw her. She was 91, and she was ready to go home.

I was really dreading going to Michigan for the visitation and funeral. The last funeral I went to was my great grandfather's, about 12 years ago. I think this one hit me harder because it affects me more because it affects me dad. And I am my daddy's little girl.

It wasn't as difficult as I anticipated; it was actually a good time to hang out with cousins and relatives I don't get to see very often. Thank God for my grandmother's life and the sweet memories she made with us. Thank God also for reassuring me that He is enough to sustain me in this rough time.

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