Friday, June 25, 2010

Muy Impaciente

I tend to be impatient, and I think I don't even realize that I do it. I am a very impatient driver. Even though compared to the world, I am a very slow, safe driver, I hate it when cars go slower than me or pull out in front of me. I mean, I can go that slow, but don't try to go that slow in front of me, NO SIR! I am also super impatient at restaurants. I should be s SecretShopper person because that is how I act. How long did it take the server to come greet us after we were seated? How long did it take for them to take our drink orders? For our food to come up? To give us our check? It's not like I am in a rush. I have just created this awful habit of constantly assessing the server. And usually what happens is I tend to spread my sin around to the table, too. "Really, where is she?" "I am so ready to go?" "I am starving!" And then the whole table is like a brewing pot of impatience. In Jerry Bridges' book he defines impatience as a "strong sense of annoyance at the (usually) unintentional faults and failures of others" (116). I would sure hate it if every time I did something on accident, someone else got impatient with me! What areas of your life do you tend to show impatience?

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