Sunday, June 20, 2010

Denton Air Show

I have been planning all summer to go to the Denton Air Show. I am not particularly interested in airplanes, but it sounded like something fun and different to do. I am always up for something fun and different!

Gates opened at 10, and it started at 11. I don't know what they were referring to with the pronoun "it," but "it" was definitely not the airplanes flying. We parked and sacrificed 8 bucks each. Well technically, it was only $7.50 each because they ran out of change. I did not feel bad about this at all for two reasons. First, the people who were taking the money were from PointBank. Yes, a bank. They should have lots of change. And secondly, I thought it was over-priced to begin with.

We got to walk around and look at all the different planes. My dad would have super liked this, but he had to work, so I took lots of pictures for him. We got to walk in a military helicopter. It was like the size of a bus and looked like a massive bug. I felt very much like I was on the set of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. This one guy let me climb into his plane. It was from WWII. I burned my rear end on the skillet-hot seat belt buckle. And the two pictures that Anthony took of me while in the cockpit are not the greatest. One of them is when I was climbing in with my large tookus high in the sky. The other one, because I was wearing a strapless top, makes it look like I am naked in the cockpit. Wonderful... But it was fun to get in the plane. This other dude was charging $5 to get in his plane. I was like, "Um, how 'bout I just get in this here plane for FuREEEEE-E?!"

We found a nice spot right off the runway to watch the show. The grass was like straw, and it was ridiculously hot. Thankfully, there was a nice breeze to cool the stinky sweat running down our backs. Anthony has this really nice chair to sit in. You know, the kind that fits in a bag? I unfortunately do not have one, but I did bring a sheet to sit on. I just pretended I was sitting by the pool getting a tan.

They had some really fun acrobatics to watch, music to listen to, and a commentator. It was a lot of fun. I had never been to an air show before, and I am super glad I went. Alas, the sun was stronger than my will-power to stay, and we left early. I was a little bummed because Anthony said that the closing number was AWESOME. He got a sneak peak the day before from his work, which is right by the airport.

Things I learned and will remember for next year's air show:
1. Buy a chair.
2. Bring that chair.
3. Bring lots of water.
4. Come halfway through the program. The best is always saved for the end.
5. Picket the Air Show Committee to have it when it is not so blazing hot.
The End

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