Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Watching The Bachelorrette with other people is so much fun! I get to feel like a little psychologist, analyzing everyone's feelings and motivations. So, here is my take on last night's episode. I DO NOT understand why everyone is picking on Justin. What has he done to incur their wrath? I think a lot of the guys are really insecure, so they just gang up on whoever is being picked on. I don't understand why they all thought it was unfair of him to go to Ali's house. They could have gone over there just as easily. And Ali is such an idiot!! Bah!! Really, do you think Justin came back to the house and blabbed to everyone about what he just did? If he did, then yes, that would mean that he is there just for attention. Now, thanks to Ali and blabbermouth Roberto, the whole house knows.

Compared to episodes of The Bachelor the guy contestants are by far the bigger whiners, gossipers, and drama queens. Frank and Weatherman are both whiners. *Weatherman's music video scene and him asking Ali to go somewhere else to have a "real first kiss" were the funniest, most awkward moments of the night. And why, o why, is Craig still around? What does he have to really offer? Hunter got sent home because he wouldn't make out with Ali in the hot tub, which, according to her, is the only thing hot tubs can be used for. I think Chris from Cape Cod is still a really great guy, and I love the outtake with him and John trying to catch the mouse. I used to like Jesse, but he wore a jeans suit to the rose ceremony. Way to get dressed up, dude!
Next week, I think that mullet dude goes home. I don't think that I have heard him speak at all. And Weatherman goes home. That would be kinda sad because he does create so many awkward moments to laugh at. I still like Justin, Chris, and Ali likes Roberto. Until next week:)

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