Monday, June 7, 2010

My Summer TV

So, I recently started watching Lost. Recently, as in yesterday. Anthony started watching it a last week ago, and I refused to watch it because well, it is about this group of people who get lost on this island and then they get rescued and then they go back to being lost on the island. How ridiculous is that? Very...or so I thought. For a very ridiculous show, it has a had a very interesting beginning episodes. I will keep you updated on my Lost status.

Another show that I am watching is The Bachelorette, *said with an embarrassed look on my face.* I am not embarrassed that I am watching it, I am just embarrassed because after the last season, I swore of the show. But I love the drama. I love that the drama is in their life and not in mine. And I know this sounds stupid, but I like "getting to know" the contestants and playing matchmaker.
Last year I read the spoilers. First time ever and last time! Way to ruin the show! Even though I read them, I was like, "No, that can't be right. It says he chooses Vienna." I was wrong and a little hurt. I felt like I knew Jake better than that. We had a history and all. (Meaning: I had watched the season with Jillian and him.)
Some guys I really like are Chris from Cape Cod, Jesse, Justin, and Roberto. Is that too many predictions???? I will narrow down after the show tonight. Oh, and I don't necessarily like Ali that much. She was kinda a jerk last season and she is kinda skanky on the show. I wonder what drama will happen this summer...

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