Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Bells

Last weekend, my best friend, Brittany, and I traveled down to Austin for my good friend Rainee's wedding. I had to leave training early so we could get to Austin in time. (It was a really sacrifice, I know!) I am so glad that Brittany was driving because I hate rush hour traffic. I am always afraid that I am going to run into the person in front of me if I look away for like two seconds. However, just because I am not driving in rush hour, doesn't mean that I am a great person to have in the car during rush hour traffic, especially in the passenger seat. Anthony and Brittany can both attest to that! It isn't that I don't trust their driving ability, because I do, most of the time, but it is just hard for me to have absolutely no control. I close my eyes or put my book in front of my face because, ya know, that if we were in an accident that the book would protect me.

We made it down to my other friend's Courtney's apartment where we would be staying that weekend. No offense to Courtney or her pets, but I found out last weekend that I do not like cats, the way they smell, their hair, their food, their nasty habits. And never, ever, ever will I have a pet in my bedroom with me. This strong feeling towards cats kinda surprises me because usually I am pretty even keeled.

Thursday night we drove way out into the middle of nowhere for the rehearsal dinner. This was an impressive feat. We did not get lost at all. Courtney and Brittany put me in the back seat so that I wouldn't be a paranoid, crazy person. Friday night we went to the wedding in Georgetown. Brittany and I were pretty sure that we would run out of gas and get stranded, but we did find a gas station. The wedding was super fun. I am running out of my enthusiasm to type, so I will have to write more on this latter. Congrats Rainee and Zeke!

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