Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time to pick a hobby

This is my first attempt at making a card.  Not to bad, if I say so myself.  The white part opens up so the giver can write something sweet in there.

All that cute stuff at Michaels and Joanns really adds up.  If you are wanted to begin a hobby, this is what I would suggest:

1.  Start off small.
You don't want to buy a bunch of supplies and then decided that you don't like this hobby, or you don't have as much time for it as you thought.

2.  Buy clearance
If you are just starting out, it is okay to buy the cheaper items because most likely you will make mistakes.  This way you won't get as frustrated when you ruin something.

3.  Organize
I don't have that many supplies now, but I decided to divide up the supplies into cutting, adhesive, paper, and accessories.  I had some leftover plastic boxes, and I found each supply a home.  This is important because when I do have thirty minutes to craft, I don't want to spend a bunch of time looking for an item.

Like I said, I am just a beginner.  I am hoping to to develop my skills and use my crafting time as a relaxing time as opposed to watching tv.  (But what's nice about this hobby is you could choose to do both at the same time!)

Are you a card maker?  How do you come up with your ideas?  What is one supply that you can't live without?  I need advice, people:)))

Sorry, I have been out of commission.  Last week went by so fast.  This weekend was a blur, and now I think I am getting sick.  Hopefully, it will pass.  


  1. these are good suggestions, i am terrible about picking up a hobby and then dropping it in the middle because i get overwhelmed!

  2. awesome!! i really love making cards, what a neat idea!

  3. Cute card! I love to make cards and organization is a must! I find ideas online and enjoy lots of fun paper to inspire me! Good luck with the new hobby!!

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

    -Karla @ forevernewlywedded

  5. Hey Angela, I nominated you for a Liebster Award!