Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prince Charming-Guest Post

Karla was so gracious to volunteer to guest post for me while I was gone over Thanksgiving break.  She has got a great thing going on over at her blog, and you should definitely swing by sometimes and say hello.  Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Karla:

Hello Living Pretty readers!!

My name is Karla, and I write over at Forever Newly Wedded!
Forever Newly Wedded

First of all, I want to thank Angela so much for having me do a guest post on her blog today! I know that a lot of people in the blog world are not big fans of guest posts. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I don’t like when I come to a blog expecting to read something awesome from the blog’s author and then find that it’s just a guest post!! Although… sometimes I find really amazing bloggers from guest posts! Regardless, I promise to make this short, sweet, and hopefully, entertaining!

Okay. So, as some of you may have guessed from the name of my blog, I write about married life and how I am learning the ropes of being someone’s wife!

I was totally that 13 year old girl who had dreams of a huge wedding, and a happily ever after which of course included riding off into the sunset on a white horse with my Prince Charming.

Though I am blessed with my own Prince Charming of sorts… there was no white horse. Bummer. And though I am very happily married, and would not trade my marriage for the world… sometimes my marriage just isn’t “happily ever after” material. Sometimes it’s ugly. Sometimes, it’s the stuff that you don’t see in the Disney princess movies!

Marriage takes a lot of hard work!

While we were dating, I used to rely on my cute outfits & sweet smelling perfumes to make my now husband happy. Now that we’re married and living together, he sees the good, bad, and the ugly. I mean, the poor guy sees the sweatshirt & sweatpants, no make-up, haven’t-shaved-my-legs-in-a-week girl. And he sees that girl A LOT. Probably too much.

So I make up for it by making dinners, doing laundry, and cleaning the house no matter how tired I may be from work… so that he can come home from work and at least be happy that things are done!

He also shows me he loves me by making breakfast every morning (I’m not a morning person), and sometimes making my lunch to bring to work (I’m spoiled). He also puts up with me ignoring him for my blog.

Anyway, my point is… when I was younger… marriage looked a hell of a lot more glamorous. I kind of wish someone told me that marriage is not always going to be as pretty as riding a white horse off into the sunset.

Marriage is no fairytale. Marriage is a real life commitment to a real live person who may or may not look like a Prince Charming but DOES need to treat you like a Princess. Marriage is committing yourself to one person, for your entire life, no matter what. Marriage is accepting a person for who they are, forever. Shaved legs or not.

It’s hard work, but for those that put in the time, there is nothing more rewarding.


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