Monday, November 12, 2012

Toad in the hole

My friend, Martha, asked me what the heck this was. I made them Saturday morning.  It is our usually go-to breakfast.  It is super easy to make, too.  We usually always have the ingredients on hand.  It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.  Give it a try!
Ingredients: butter, bread, eggs.  Butter the bread, both sides.
Cut a hole in the middle of the buttered bread.  Our glasses were a little bit too big, so we use an old jelly jar.  We would be lost without it!
Put on skillet or pan.  Crack egg in the hole.  Cook as long as desired.  Eggs over easy, medium, or hard whichever you prefer.  I like to have it a littler runny, so when I cut it, it goes over the rest of the toast.
Eat and enjoy.  I like to put strawberry jelly on it.  Hubs likes to put Tabasco sauce on it. (vomit)  But I guess to each his own.


  1. oh my goodness... my adopted grandma from Mississippi made that for me every time I spent the night at her house. And it is the best! I haven't made that in years- need to make it for Jude!

    1. Did you call it a toad in the hole, too? I have heard of lots of different names for it.

  2. haha love the name! Looks delish :)