Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friends for a season

I posted about the difficulties of making adult friends a while ago, and it was received with great responses of many females echoing similar sentiments.  Since then I have been contemplating other types of friends besides a fridge friend.

Looking back on my different relationships, I have had several seasonal friends.  I would describe seasonal friends as really good friends that develop for a season of your life.  For example, I had a couple friends in college who fit this category.  One sweet girl stuck with my through all my Spanish classes, and it was such a relief to know someone well in my classes.  Another girl, who was also in the honors program and commuted, went to all the honor's functions with me.  Most of all the other honors students lived on campus together and knew each other quite well.

Both of these girls were great, and we talked and hung out often.  However, when that particular season, Spanish classes or honor's program, was done, our relationship fizzled.  No big dramatic blow up.  We just didn't see each other.  It is hard to make a relationship work when you don't talk with the other person.

Although I am not friends with these girls now, I am thankful that we were friends during that season of my life.

It is nice, though, to have those friends that stick through all seasons of life.


  1. Hey! I found you from Covered in Grace and came looking for your post on your cute lounge wear :P I am ALWAYS cold at home too!

    Mine is more my fibromyalgia than the actual temp, but my hubby does know that if the house is warmer, he will see me in nicer clothes. Otherwise, it's parkas and blankets being dragged around with me all day! haha! :D

    You wear them well however, and look so cozy! Hope you had a blessed Easter <3

    1. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. I am interested in what recipes and such your blog has to offer with homemade items. I was trying to find where to follow along, but I must be blind today because I couldn't find it.

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