Sunday, March 17, 2013

This stuff makes my heart happy

It is the eve before school starts.  Yay!   Boo!  As I was telling my friend today, it is the beginning of the end (of the school year).  State testing starts in two weeks with 4th grade Writing.  The students are responsible for writing compositions and for revising and editing papers.  Usually the mistakes in the test follow common grammar concepts and spelling rules. 

I have noticed that a lot of adults, even teachers at my school, could benefit from a refresher course on these 4th grade concepts.  Unless I am really close to you, I will not point out your grammar mistakes; however, please know that I am desperately trying to teach children the correct way as other adults consistently show them the wrong way through their speech and written words.  (Disclaimer: I am not perfect, and I will make mistakes, but I just hope it is not concerning the rules that the state of Texas requires 4th grade students to know.)

I found this on pinterest and thought it appropriate.

Grammar matters
Grammar matters.

As I tell my students, there is a big difference between
"Let's eat Grandma!"
"Let's eat, Grandma!"

Join me next week for a refresher of the usage of your and you're!

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