Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keep your pinching hands to yourself!

I love decorating for the holidays, so I will take any excuse to decorate. 

I don't have a fireplace in the apartment, but this old shelf from my parents works perfectly.  I gathered some old candles and vases from the thrift store in different shades of green.  I knew I wanted a banner like my valentine's banner.  I had a DSW bag from a previous shopper spree and decided to make my own instead of just printing one.  I wanted it to to say BLEST instead of LUCKY, but those letters are a lot harder!  I added some green buttons with a glue gun and strung them up.  Easy peasy!  

I found some free printables here.  (Seriously, why would you ever buy them?)  I put them in some old frames and shabam, we are done!  I love it!  

Now to start thinking about my spring one...

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