Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am sew cool!

A while back I got a perfect sewing machine at an estate sale for $10.  BAM!  I had taken a sewing class in college for fashion design, and I had really enjoyed.  Plus, how was I going to make all my cute DIY projects on Pinterest without a sewing machine.  My mom sewed a lot while I was growing up.  I remember her making us doll clothes, curtains, matching Easter outfits, and even a few formal dresses.  I so regret not taking her up on her knowledge and skills and being interested in sewing.  She could have taught me so much.  Thankfully, her and my father, who has become quite the tailor and reupholsterer, are close by when my machine starts making weird noises or something gets stuck.

I was way bored a few weeks ago and decided to make a reusable grocery bag.  I had picked up some material for cheap at a garage sale earlier this summer, and I found a pattern at About.com.  It had directions for piping.  I neither had it or knew how to put that in, so I opted out.  The pattern also requested denim or heavy material, which I would def recommend it you have it on hand, but mine turned out ok. 
Obviously, I am a beginner...

but I did see some improvement, which is encouraging.

Ta-da!  Grocery store ready!


  1. Love this... Now it's time for you to sew something for me :)

    1. Oh girl, you do not want me to sew anything for you! I am going to try making a onesie out of a tshirt. I will let you know how it goes.

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