Monday, August 26, 2013

Day One is in the Books

Wow!  Today went by so fast!  What is really nice about team teaching is that halfway through the day, you get to get rid of those kids, get some new ones, and repeat the lesson you already have taught.  It makes the end of the day so nice!  Although, if today was any indication, that probably is going to have some behavior issues.

I wanted to document some differences and similarities I noticed between teaching at a Title 1 school and teaching in Lantana.

Although I expected all students to come with all of their supplies, a few of them were without.

Several parents picked up items on my wish list, and the students brought them today.  Yay!

What really struck me as a big differences was not so much between Title and nonTitle but really the layout of the school.  Or I guess maybe where I am positioned.  The cafeteria is like a few seconds from my room.  Special areas are just around the corner for the most part.  When students are finished at lunch, they can go directly outside to the playground which is right by our room.  At my last school, I had to walk all the way upstairs to get to the cafeteria and walk way out to the playground after lunch.  It was ridiculous.

Dismissal was a little crazy in the hallway, but we don't dismiss from our rooms until the end of school bell rings.

I can't think of any other differences right now.  My feet hurt the same at Title 1 or not.

I somehow managed to ruin the sauce for dinner tonight.  Oh well, it is pasta and cheese!  It can't be that bad.

We made it, day one, teachers!

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