Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purple People Eater

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago.  I love it!  The skirt of the dress is teeny tiny pleats.  It has a tie around the waist accentuating the smallest part of my body.  Any outfit that I can put one of my bubble necklaces with, is a great outfit.  I could add this picture to my collection of bubble necklace outfits.  I paired it with my brown riding boots mostly because I needed to shave my legs, but I also need to find new shoes!
This dress is a small.  If you know me in real life, I am not a small by any means.  The dress fits great everywhere except for under the arm.  It rubs me:(  Maybe I can cut out a portion of it.  It was just too cute of a dress to pass up!


  1. Cute! I want to shop in your closet!

    1. You are so sweet! I mentioned to Ashley starting up a link up on 1000s gifts and would love for you to cohost with us. Sound like something you might be interested in??