Friday, January 18, 2013

Bubble Necklace

This is the look I rocked for my friend's bacchelorette party a few weeks ago.  The colored jeans are from New York and Company's clearance rack for $11.  The shirt is from Dillard's New Year's Day sale for $5.  Black Blazer from Target for $15 but definitely worth it because I wear that blazer all the time!  Pink and orange heels $4 from Kohls.  Bubble Necklace and Purse gifted to me from relatives. 

I also got another color necklace that I love just as much.  I paired it with a pair of black slacks and khaki lace shirt.  The necklace definitely makes the outfit!
Orange and Turquoise.  One of my favorite combinations.  I wore this to a casual dinner with my besties.  This is another post about my love for these colors and mixing it up in fashion.  


  1. I love bubble necklaces! I haven't taken the leap and gotten my own, not sure I could really pull it off. It looks great on you!

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