Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Friday Letters

I used to do Friday letters as part of a link up forever ago.  It was one of my favorite things.  I don't know if the link up is still going on, but I shall continue on by myself.  I wanted to start last week Friday, but life with a baby--you know how that works...

Dear Freezer Meal Swap Group, I am so thankful for you, so I can provide my hubby with something besides fruity cheerios for dinner.  Eventually, I will post about how that all came about, how it works, and how it blesses me every month.  But since it takes me forever to do anything, you can also check out pinterest.  Dear library, I feel like you need a delivery service. I have put stuff on hold multiple times that eventually goes off hold because it takes me forever to get over there.  Never mind the fact that the library is less than 5 minutes down the road.  Dear gym, I impulsed bought a membership.  What was I thinking that I actually would make it over there? I would like to get out of it, but don't want to talk to anyone.  Dear pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I have had all the supplies for weeks, and seriously what could be fall?  Except you know?  Cooler weather.  But naps when over cookies these days.  And cookies have always been a top priority.  Dear baby girl, It is amazing how far you can get around without actually crawling.  Dear subbing, you are kicking my booty.  I need like a full day recovering.

Till we meet again,

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  1. I'm loving the freezer Meal swap group! We're really going to miss having them for a quick dinner in October!