Thursday, October 9, 2014

My little weed collector

I am sitting by my front window in my very comfy lazy boy with a red warm blanket wrapped around my always freezing toes even though I think it is like 95 outside.  For reals, people.  It is a good thing I already got out for the day.  I always pictured in my house I would have a nice large window overlooking my kitchen sink with some picturesque view of a garden with roses or falling colored leaves or at least the visual opportunity to be a noisy neighbor under the guise of doing dishes.  Well, this days I do a lot more sitting than washing dishes, so the view out my front window from my comfy chair is a-mazing.

So, this last spring I planted a little raised bed and gathered some plants from the local nursery determined to grow produce for our little family and take cute pictures of my success and make strawberry jelly and take pictures of those to make people jealous and and...that basically did not happen.

There was this random freeze like in April.  I mean it is October and feels like summer, but we freeze in April.  That killed off 3 of my zucchini plants and both bean plants.  Good thing though because the remaining squash plants were huge.  Who know?  Certainly not me, the person who did absolutely zero research prior to gardening.  I did get some squash, and they looked great on the plant, albeit tiny.  But I am pretty sure they were not edible, and they looked nothing like the ones at the store-even the ugly ones at the store.

Currently, my little plot is collecting tall grass and maybe a snake or two. Does anyone have any tips for the newbie, lazy gardener??

Try, try again,

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  1. The only reason we didn't loose ours to the late freeze was my crazy in laws that helped us plant it. They called us late at night & insisted we drop everything & tarp the garden. Happy we got veggies, was less than pleased when I was mucking around the back yard in the cold at night.