Friday, October 24, 2014

Who, who, whooo!

Since I clearly had no time last time I was pregnant I thought I would show you all the cute pictures I have of some of my showers that were thrown for me.  My sweet sister and sister-in-law put this together for me.  

Owl cupcakes and m&ms.  So yummy and so easy!
You know how hard it is to find a specific picture on a shirt once you have it in your mind to find it?  Well, iron ons!  So easy and clever.  
Each flower is made out of two baby washcloths and a cute little button in pinned in the middle.
Mom picked up this cute canvas basket from Target.  We use it as Eleanor's hamper.  
My sister picked up this cute owl sign at Kirklands.  It ended up matching her room perfectly!
Pink, pink, pink!
Another iron on!

I will have to do another post on the game we played.  I had never played it--which is saying a lot for shower games.

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