Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cloth Diapering Dilemma

Oh, cloth diaper.  I honestly can't remember why I initially wanted to do cloth diapering.  I am sure that living in hippie Denton had something to do with it, and of course, saving money, I am a big fan of that.

Right now I am in the midst of nasty poops from the little one and desperately needing a disposable liner that contains it all.  Any advice in that department would be great.  It was especially difficult during the intense first trimester nausea and vomiting.  I would have to, and still do, but peppermint oil on my nose, spray the room, and have everything prepped and ready to go.  Fingers crossed, I hope that the vomiting over poppy diapers is over because heaven knows the poopy diapers are not!!

Fortunately, I have given myself grace to not always have her in cloth diapers.  When we go out or when I know a gross one is coming, I just throw on a disposable.  The cloth diapers have already paid for themselves, so a disposable ever now and then is okay by me!

We use BumGenius because that was the only brand carried by a major store around here.  And even then, we had to order them online.  Despite that we have been very pleased with the diaper.  (Actually, now that I am looking back at the website, Target does carry several other brands, but I think we opted with BumGenius because I could buy several together for a discounted price.)

Overall, we have been very pleased with the diaper.  Initially, right after Eleanor was born, for probably a month or so, her legs were so skinny that stuff just slide right out the leg whole.  We did have some leakage problems at night once she got a little older, but we just added a newborn insert with a regular insert = problem solved.

Now if I could just find a liner that I am happy with...


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