Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling like fall yet?

It is September!  That means that is the season for fall, right?  Even though it is hovering in the upper 90s-last week it was in the 100s-, I am anxious for fall to be here.  If you weren't with me last season, you can check out some of my obsession here or here.

I haven't pulled out my stuff just yet, but if you need a little pick me up before fall weather actually hits or before you get a chance to drag out your stuff, here are some quick ideas:

1. Candle or new Scentsy scent
2.  New Dish Towel
I always get a new one of these from my sweet mommy at the beginning of each season.  In fact, I just got my new fall one tonight!
3.  Add a scarf to your outfit
Even in hot weather, you can pair a scarf with short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt or dress.
4.  Stop by Starbucks for a Pumpkin drink

5.  Or make something pumpkin of your own.  Check out the recipe link at the top of this page or for pumpkin waffles.

6.  I saw some pumpkins at the grocery store.  How fast would that be to go grab one to get you in the festive mood?!?

These quick fixes might help put you in the fall mood and might convince the weather to do likewise!


  1. The smelly fall candles is what does it for me! Since it's still so freakin' hot outside until the end of October, I can't really participate in all the other fall activities quite yet...but the candles, I can totally do the candles! =)

    1. I keep walking by stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, and smelling all their goodness. Need to get one soon!

  2. I'm obsessed with pumpkin spiced everything! can't wait!

    1. I set out my decorations this last weekend, and I am currently looking at pumpkin recipes. Yum!