Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wish we could do this in Texas...

I am reading all my posts from my relatives and friends who live in Michigan, and I am getting so jealous!  I have only been to one apple orchard in Michigan, but it was the best experience.  It was right in the middle of fall.  The leaves were brilliantly colored.  I remember walking through the orchard with my aunt, grandma and family kicking the leaves up with my feet.  There was an old, sticky building where we got to watch the apples been smooshed, and pressed, and juiced, coated with caramel, and whatever else they do.  Afterwards, we sat down in the cool air and munched on warm apple donuts and sipped apple cider.  Oh, what I would not give to be able to have that tradition down here in Texas.  (Sad face!)

I am definitely going to need to find a fall recipe this week to quench this need.

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  1. Not apples, but the lavender farms near Gainesville has a beautiful peach orchard that I've heard is a fun summer outing! I've only been in the fall for their pumpkin patch.