Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can I get some queso with that?

I am not the biggest Mexican food fan.  I mean, I can eat fajitas or a quesadilla, but I don't crave the stuff.  I do have a particular weakness for queso.  Mmmm queso!

If you live around Denton, and love queso as much as I do, this post is for you:
Sidenote-I do not do spicy.

1. Mi Taza:  This is my new fav place to go!  It is right by the house, too!  Their queso is amazing.  There may be some peppers and whatnot in there, but it tastes like straight up cheese. 
2. Mazatlan:  Mmmm yum!  Great seasoning and consistency.  It is free at lunch time, too.
3. Chuy's:  I only go at happy hour to get the free nacho bar, so I am not knocking the free, BUT their queso ranks pretty low.  It is pretty runny and seems to get spicy each time I go.  I have to eat it with the beans, so I don't burn my throat.  (Again, spicy weeny)
4. Fuzzy's:  My old roommate, Candace, introduced me to their queso.  I get it without the pico de gallo on top.  It is a yummy white cheese queso, and their chips are amazing!
5. El Guapo:  The first time I went here, I really loved the queso.  The second time, it was definitely spicier.  Lame sauce.
6. El Fenix:  too generic
7. Mi Casita:  I used to stop here all the time on my way home from work.  Thank goodness we moved.  This has a great seasoning, so it is not just cheese, but it isn't spicy.  The best of both worlds.




  1. Queso is soooo delicious! In high school my friend and I worked at On The Border and after we got off every night we would eat tortilla's dipped in queso. Soooo nommy! =)

  2. I love queso!! I haven't ever been to Mi Taza, I'll have to check it out!! I love Mazatlan, particularly their taco salad!!

    1. It is a nice little restaurant if you are ever in south denton.

  3. I miss eating at Mazatlan! My team used to go there whenever we got a chance for an off campus lunch.

    1. mmmm...yum! Come to think of it, I haven't been in a while either.