Tuesday, July 9, 2013

All our ducks in a row

Good Morning,
I am sitting in a hotel room with one of my teacher friends in Austin, TX.  My sister has nursing training down here for the week, and we are accompanying her.  I wanted to update everyone on life because it has been happening very fast and several big things have changed.

In chronological order:
1.  We bought a house!
As many of you know, we have been house hunting for a while.  We had even put in offers on a couple foreclosures that didn't pan out.  We moved in May 17th.  We still have boxes scattered throughout the house, and most things are mismatched, but we are in no rush to make our house perfect.  We want to enjoy the process.  I do have some summer plans that I am sure I will keep you updated on.

2.  We have a furbaby!
I know that word probably grates against some of your ears as it has the potential to be somewhat annoying, but I love the word!  We drove to the middle of nowhere to pick up Gentry.  At that point, she was 7 weeks old.  She is a boxer\australian shepherd mix.  Little background--I have never owned a four-legged pet.  We had chickens, turkeys, and ducks.  I had no idea what to expect, and for some reason I thought we needed a puppy.  She is a lot of work, but she is super cute.  She wakes us up on mornings that we would normally sleep in.  She cries in the middle of the night.  She makes messes.  She bites.  We call her our monster.  I take a lot of pictures of her on instagram, you should follow me.  (Username is livingpretty22)

3.  I got a new job!
I have been thinking about quitting teaching since last year.  Last year was tough (team issues).  This year the students and parents were the most difficult I have ever had.  (Thank goodness for an awesome team!)  I was really contemplating leaving the profession altogether.  This year I started revising my resume and networking with other teachers and principals.  I had had an interview a few months back, but I never heard back either way (rude!).  Last week, I had another interview that I totally thought I ended on the wrong note.  Surprise, two days later the principal called and offer me the job.  I am so excited about this transition.  I am hoping that it will reenergize my love for teaching and students.

All of this happened in the time frame of less than a month!  Wowzers!  I am thankful that God has a plan for my life, even the itty bitty details.  Anthony and I very much try to make decisions to do things if all our ducks are in a row.  Fortunately, God has blessed us when he sees fit.

Hopefully, now that I have caught everyone up on life, I will be back in the blogging scene a bit more.  I miss writing.



  1. Holy... that is an insane month! Congrats on all of these great updates in life! I think we need to see pics of your new fur baby!
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

    1. It has been CR-a-ZY. There are a few pictures of her on my instagram on the side of my blog. She is cute, but don't be deceived. She is a monster.

  2. You are a busy bee!! All of these things sound like great news!! Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you! Life sure does keep getting busy and busier.

  3. This post sounds EXACTLY like mine from a month go, except add a baby instead of a fur baby! CONGRATS on the house! I know y'all had been looking for a long time! Lets see pics!!! And don't worry, our house is still empty too! Work in progress! And yay for the fur baby! I love the name Gentry! I want to see pics of him too! Bella went through that puppy stage and I loved and hated it at the same time! Ha! They are so cute as puppies though! And I am even moooore excited about this new job! I need ALLLLLLL the details!!!!! Where? What grade? Subject? Spill girl!

    So happy that things are going well for you and your family!

  4. So exciting! What a busy month! Congratulations on the house, job & furbaby!! :)