Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keep Austin Weird

My friend, Alexa, and I have been in Austin with my sister this week.  Here are a few things we did:

We didn't actually make it to the Zilker Botanical gardens because the maps were wrong, but we did make it to the Nature and Science Center.  It is free, and I highly recommend it for parents of small children.  I also highly recommend not wearing flip flops as we had to walk quite a ways.  

After all our walking, we decided to cool off at Barton Springs.  It is a natural feed spring, and it is freezing!  Once you get in, it is very nice.  You can see to the bottom, too.  It cost 3 bucks.  Def recommend bringing water shoes as the ground is kinda rocky and slimy.  

Tuesday we headed to Gruene to float the river.  We took the tour through town which was about 2.5 hours.  The river was low and moving slow, but it was relaxing EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE SOME CREEPY OLD MAN CAME DOWN FROM HIS HOUSE ALONG THE SIDE OF THE RIVER, MADE SURE NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND EXCEPT ALEXA AND I, PULLED DOWN HIS PANTS, AND STARTED PLAYING WITH HIS JUNK. AND WHEN I DIDN'T CATCH IT THE FIRST TIME, HE POLITELY SAID, "EXCUSE ME," AND PROCEEDED TO FLING HIS THING AROUND SOME MORE.  SERIOUSLY WHO DOES THAT?  Alexa asked yesterday if that was all I was going to remember from the tubing trip.  Umm...yeah, probably.  

I took a picture in front of Gruene Hall, the oldest still used dance hall in Texas.

The inside.

I found this hillbilly "brief" case at one Gruene General Store.  We would have walked around more, but we were exhausted.
Today we went to Round Rock Outlets, and tomorrow we are planning on touring the Governor's mansion.

Hopefully everyone else in Austin can keep their pants on!
Good riddance,


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  3. Hahaha, that "brief" case is hilarious!! LOL! I've always heard good things about Austin, I need to make a trip out there someday!

  4. I will be in Austin this weekend!!!!!!!! Wish you were going to be there!!