Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dressed to Impress

This year for school, we were encouraged demanded to dress more professionally.  So, I have been able to wear things in my closet that normally are just left for special occasions.  I really haven't bought that many new clothes for school, but I have repurposed some of the older ones.  I get lots of compliments when I actually put thought into what I am wearing.  For example,
  • Student: "You look smokin'."
  • Me: "Excuse Me"
  • Student: "That means you look good."
I watch What Not To Wear quite a bit.  They really do have some good tips for any body type.   Most importantly, you need to define the smallest part of your midsection.  This can be done with a belt or gathers in the outfit or a bow that ties in the back.  It helps give you an hourglass shape even if you weren't born with one!  Anthony overhears enough of the show that he can even offer me genuine compliments when I have an outfit on that meets Stacey and Clinton's criteria. 

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